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Anyone can mint a single NFT on Talis! Curated artists have access to minting "collections".

  1. In order to mint an NFT, you need to connect your wallet to Talis. Click on "Connect Wallet", upper right of the website.
  2. Click on the "Create" button on the top right of the website.
  3. An NFT Factory token will need to be created. Select "Init collection" to continue. You will be prompted to confirm the transaction using your connected wallet.
  4. Now you can upload your artwork, fill out relevant meta-data, select royalties, and click on "Submit" to mint your NFT. You will be prompted to confirm the transaction using your connected wallet.

Fee including gas is usually less than 0.10 USD per NFT.

Report it to an administrator, on Discord or Telegram and they will take care of it.

Digital artists, animators, musicians, photographers, video artists, writers, and general artists of all levels can apply to become curated artists, but artists must generally be able to demonstrate previous work.

Reach out to any of our mods through discord or telegram and we can help you onboard.

To send your NFT, you can click on "Send it" on any of your NFT, then paste the wallet address that you want to send it to, pay the transaction fee, done.

Yes. Sending an NFT to someone only incurs the small fee to the sender. The recipient just receives the NFT!

  1. Click on the NFT that you want to sell in your items ("My NFTs" tab)
  2. Select "Sell"
  3. Choose between "Standard" and "Auction"
  4. Select the Currency (blockchain native tokens), Price, and Duration if it's an auction.

Due to an influx of "spam" NFTs, the Gallery only shows curated artists, but you can send the direct link to your work to anyone.

Yes, Talis supports the integration of royalties in NFTs, allowing artists to benefit from the reselling of their work. The original minter also has the option to divide royalties between multiple wallets specifying the percentage of each.

Contact us to list your collection into Talis. Most marketplaces use standards that are compatible with our platform.

When an auction timer has run out, the auction can be settled by the seller or any of the bidders. Auctions can be settled from the token page or from My NFTs page, on Pending Auctions tab. Auction settlement automatically sends the NFT to its new owner, and the payment and losing bids to their respective wallets.

  1. In order to buy NFTs, you need to connect your wallet to Talis. Click on "Connect Wallet", upper right of the website.
  2. Once connected, you'll need to have some native token in it, to pay for the fees involved in any transaction (usually between 0.1-0.3 $USD).
  3. Final step is to find the NFT that you want to buy in Marketplace or Collections, then click on buy and confirm the transaction with your connected wallet.

Click on 'My Talis' in the upper right and check the My NFTs item. If you can't see your NFT, try to click on the Refresh button of My NFTs page.

After completing a transaction, to find your transaction hash, you can visit a finder (such as https://explorer.injective.network/) and paste your wallet address. Your most recent transaction should show your transaction hash and transaction details.

There are three possibilities to not see an NFT from another marketplace.

  1. We only import external collection upon request by the artist. Maybe the collection you’re looking for hasn’t been imported yet. You can reach out to the artist and suggest they should contact Talis.
  2. You have just bought your NFT in the other marketplace and it hasn’t impacted our database. Try to hit the Refresh button in My NFTs and you will see your NFTs.
  3. Your NFTs are escrowed on the other marketplace. Some marketplaces keep your NFTs even when they are not listed. In that case, chain-wise you are not the owner of the token so we can’t know it is your. Try to withdraw your NFT from the other marketplace, hit the Refresh button in My NFTs page on Talis and you will see your NFTs.

After an auction is done, the artist or any bidder must "settle" the auction so that funds and the NFT are dispatched to each parties."

All bids are retained in the settlement contract, to allow for re-bidding on top of the existing amount. When the auction is over, the artist or any bidder will settle it and all losing bids will be returned!

Click on My Talis > Edit profile

It is possible to hide your NFT from the rest of Talis users (except for the artist). To do that, on the NFT page, switch it from Public to Private.

Click on My Talis > Disconnect wallet

Connecting your wallet to Talis won't trigger any transactions without your approval. Everything is publicly verifiable using your transaction hash.

Reach out to any of our mods through discord or telegram.